BTCC training plan

In 2015 it was decided that we will be practicing in Kilonpuisto ground on every Thursday from 1800 hours. We believe that, only by practicing we can improve the quality of our performance and take our club to the top of the list.


FCA award night 2008

Bengal tigers cricket club has made its entry into the Finnish cricket league in style. Taking the championship triumph in their inaugural tournament has been officially celebrated on 14th March in the annual FCA award ceremony.


BTCC - most popular Bangladeshi platform in Fnland

Bengal Tigers Cricket Club also known as BTCC is the one and only cricket club where all of us belong to the same root. One nation, one flag and one platform is the core strength of BTCC.

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The Annual General Meeting of Bengal Tigers Cricket Club was held on the 19th March, 2016. In the event all the BTCC members and well wishers were present.


Here we are, altogether celebrating the Eid-Ul-Adha 2015. Lots of gossiping, laughter and sweet teasing really diminished the pain of being apart from family.
Many thanks to Shakil bhai for providing the meat and Jewel bhai for preparing such delicious kichuri, egg and meat curry.


Celebrating special holidays like Eid, in abroad is never as festive as in home country. Without family and friends the day becomes a gigantic reminder about the lonely life abroad. However, the pain and sadness get washed away if you are lucky enough to enjoy the company of the fellow tigers.


Finally, BTCC has their own site for administering the entire club. Though the club has quite old history in Finnish cricket, however it always deprived of having a solid platform for online visibility.

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