Match Type: 
SM 40
Match Date: 
Sat, 27/06/2015 - 10:30am
Match Location: 
Kerava Cricket Ground
Opponent Team: 
Kerava Cricket Club
Opponent Runs: 
Opponent Wickets: 
Opponent Played Overs: 
Btcc Runs: 
Btcc Wickets: 
Btcc Played Overs: 
Match Summary: 

Match started in due time under lovely weather condition. However, after playing around 15 overs of the first innings, it started raining. For that reason the match got delayed for a short period. Kerava played well and scored 174 runs. Thanks to BTCC fielders who dropped many catches that allowed KCC to make 174 runs. Our captain took a bet in the 2nd innings and send the tail-enders at the front and it worked. The match got tight at the end because we loss some quick wickets in the middle order. Finally, it was our last batsman who needed to score the last run to bring the glory and piss the captain of opponent team.

Match Result: 
BTCC won by 1 wicket