Match Type: 
SM 40
Match Date: 
Sat, 22/08/2015 - 10:30am
Match Location: 
Kupittaan Urheilupuisto
Opponent Team: 
Turku Cricket Club
Opponent Runs: 
Opponent Wickets: 
Opponent Played Overs: 
Btcc Runs: 
Btcc Wickets: 
Btcc Played Overs: 
Match Summary: 

Tremendous aggression from the very beginning as we must have to win this match to qualify to the 1st division. We started real good and managed to take a few early wickets. But we could not stop to develop partnerships that led TurkuCC to make 219 runs in total. Chasing that big score is not an easy task. We changed our batting order and tried to use nightwatchmen to build a shield which did and made it possible for others to get relaxed. However, we could not refrain ourselves from getting blown away in the middle order. Result was simple, we lost all hope to qualify for the first division.

Match Result: 
TurkuCC won by 20 runs