Tigers Celebrating Eid - 2015

Celebrating special holidays like Eid, in abroad is never as festive as in home country. Without family and friends the day becomes a gigantic reminder about the lonely life abroad. However, the pain and sadness get washed away if you are lucky enough to enjoy the company of the fellow tigers.

Eid - 2015, all the tigers were invited to get together at one of our elder brother's (Monzu Bhai) pizzeria in Espoo. Unfortunately, all of us could not come to the gathering but with those who came, the environment soon became quite homy. Gossiping, hugging and a lot of laughing were all around the place. It became more festive and joyful as two of our most respected senior bothers Bappi bhai and Titu bhai joined us eventually.

As usual we talked hell lot about current cricket conditions in Bangladesh and of-course about BTCC.

Last but not the least, Monzu bhai's delicious biriyani and duck curry accompanied by bhabi's special Eid dessert made our day.

Eid 2015 at Monzu Bhai's PizzeriaEid 2015 at Monzu Bhai's PizzeriaEid 2015 at Monzu Bhai's Pizzeria